Finally, after many decades…

By AG on August 18, 2017

Several decades after The Brat recorded many of their material, it is finally remastered and released. This collection combines all songs from their 5-song EP “Attitudes” as well as songs that were recorded in the early 80s for their anticipated major record release (which never occurred). But rather than just putting out those original recordings, this effort gives a completely remastered and updated album based on that source material. It doesn’t sound dated and could very easily fool anyone to think the songs were recorded this year.

The songs themselves are outstanding, and this 21-song release is a must-have for anyone who got excited by the energy and sounds of the late-70s post-punk and early-80’s New Wave. But to categorize The Brat is an injustice. They were always more than the labels the music industry tried to pin on them. Finally we can all listen to the great music they created. And as I mentioned the songs sound fresh and appropriate for 2017.

The only think to keep in mind is that the titles listed in the Amazon page do not match the actual song list given in the back of the CD cover. Keep this in mind if you burn the CD as you’ll need to manually change the song titles.

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